Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

+ What will we do?

Relational Work & Project Work.

We partner with a variety of organizations that focus on youth and community development, food insecurity, education equity, criminal justice reform, refugee resettlement, homelessness, poverty alleviation and more. Opportunities are based on the needs & desires of our partners!

+ What is the cost?

Trips are customizable. Your cost may vary depending on your accommodations and the package you choose. Our standard Serve901 trips include Lodging, Serve901 as your City Guide, Schedule full of SERVE opportunities (20-35 hours in a week), 2 meals that accompany LEARN moments, tickets to the National Civil Rights Museum, and a Serve901 T-Shirt. Range is $165-$185.

+ Where will we stay?

We have our own Bunkhouse as our primary housing site. Groups may stay elsewhere depending on availability.

+ What will we eat?

Serve901 will feed your group 2-3 times during your time in Memphis. Those meals will accompany the LEARN opportunities on your schedule. The Bunkhouse includes access to cooking areas where groups can prepare their meals. We also encourage eating at the many good local eateries. Skip the chains--don't eat someplace that you have access to in your hometown. Check out the FOOD tab for recommendations.

+ What does a typical week look like?

All trips are customizable! Check out what a trip could look like here on our sample schedule.

+ What should I bring with me?

Students should bring all bedding for a twin bed (pillow, sheets, blankets, sleeping bag), towel, work clothes, play clothes, gloves, toiletries, snacks, water bottle, spending money.

Groups should bring a cooler and consider bringing a water cooler.

+ I'm a Memphian. How can I help?

Serve901 exists to host trips for college-aged young adults in the city of Memphis. These students spend 3-5 days learning about our great city, the initiatives currently happening, our rich history, and they also serve the city in significant ways.

  1. Because of your proximity, we recommend that you connect with our partners on your own and make a tremendous impact! Mentor, adopt a block, etc.!
  2. Exhibit hospitality to our guests. Contact Serve901 about sponsoring a meal for a Serve901 Team.

+ What is the goal for Serve901 Trips?

We hope that the tripgoer engages their hands, head, and heart while learning to care more deeply for others and place. In the process, our non-profit partners are served and encouraged by volunteer hours and Memphis gains new fans. We actively recruit tripgoers to subsequently invest a season of their life in Memphis through exposure to internship and post-graduate opportunities! We also hope that you're catalyzed to be an active citizen!

+ When Can A Group Come?

Spring Break, Fall Break, Winter Break, Summer Break. We'll host you whenever you've got time off from school to engage, serve, and learn Memphis.

+ How Long is a Serve901 Trip?

We typically host groups anywhere from 2 nights to a full week!

+ What Groups Take Serve901 Trips?

Eligible Groups: university alternative breaks groups, campus ministries, fraternities, sororities, church groups, student organizations, etc.

If you're not one of those groups...fill out the form anyway and we'll talk!

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