Volunteering with Serve901 was one of the best service experiences I have ever had! It was not only a wonderful way to get a full experience of Memphis, but it also allowed us the chance to be a part of the community here. Working alongside a community of people who love their city and want to make it even better was a life-changing experience. I will never be the same!
— Tommy Nelson, Silver Lake College (Manitowoc, WI)

Our Mission

Memphis is known as a city of innovation in business, music, human rights and expression, medicine, and so much more. Elvis, FedEx, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Robert Church, the Sanitation Workers Strike, Beale Street, the Yellow Fever epidemic, Boss Crump, and many more have created the complicated city we love.

People travel from all over the globe to Memphis to consume culture, barbecue, music, and history. While there are many ways this city is great, we know there is work to do to ensure that there is justice for all citizens. There are many hard-working organizations fighting for equity.

Our vision is that, through Serve901, Memphis is strengthened and those we host learn to love Memphis and justice catalyzing them to live towards a greater good.

Our mission is to partner college student volunteers with service organizations to facilitate interpersonal development and a renewed perspective of civic advocacy, interdependence, and respect for diversity through service-learning trips.

Volunteer hours put into Memphis by Serve901 Volunteers