After School Programming

Programs that serve kids when the school day ends can have tremendous impact. There are some wonderful organizations in Memphis that use sports, mentoring, and tutoring to support inner-city youth after school.


Depending on your group's skill level and desire, we have partnerships in the city to connect with construction service projects.

Neighborhood Cleanup / Beautification

A common urban problem is blight, often resulting from property owners who live outside of the city and don't maintain their property. Vacant homes and unkept lawns hurt struggling neighborhoods. Your group can help fight the blight! This is done in conjunction with community development organizations.

International Partnerships

There are many refugees and immigrants in our city. Organizations exist in Memphis that help teach English as a second language and help in many other facets of life for these new Memphians. At times we work directly with internationals; we also work on behalf of the amazing partner organizations to help their mission.

Homeless Ministry

Help serve meals at the local men’s homeless shelter or cook a meal at a local church that regularly has a meal for their neighbors.

Partnership with Local Hospitals

We enjoy partnering with St. Jude and Le Bonheur – two of Memphis’s greatest assets that both serve as renowned children’s hospitals. Opportunities include working in one of St. Jude's housing facilities to prepare a meal for a patient’s family who is in town for treatment.

School-Based Projects

The national spotlight is on Memphis as education reform here has been groundbreaking. Schools face pressure from the state to improve, and teachers work hard to find new ways to serve students. Our goal is to come alongside these educators and be their biggest cheerleaders. Serve901 groups have organized libraries, thrown pizza parties for classroom achievement, brought teachers breakfast, and even landscaped around a school campus!

Urban Farming

Many under-resourced neighborhoods are dubbed food deserts as it can be easier to find junk food than fresh fruit and vegetables. Urban gardens can change that trend, and we support these initiatives by providing manual labor! This also serves as a very practical learning opportunity.

Georgia Southern university, December 2016

Serve901 champions educators and we partner with schools in the city to help in their areas of need. At some schools our groups do landscaping or book organizing in the library; Grizz Prep uses the extra help to do reading testing.

University of the Ozarks BCM with Shelby Farms Park.jpeg

University of the Ozarks, March 2015

Memphis has an incredible park system--and Shelby Farms Park is one of the city's biggest assets. Helping to maintain this gem is fulfilling work. This group planted trees!


University of Missouri-St. Louis, March 2016

The City of Memphis is understaffed and that can affect the readiness of the city's amenities for high season. This group cleaned the city pools of leaves and debris from the offseason, getting it ready for neighborhood children to enjoy.

Smith, Daley-1723.jpg

Redeemer Lubbock - Texas Tech University, March 2017

Groups serve in several of Memphis's great after school safe spaces. One of these is STREETS Ministries. This photo shows a sports camp championed by our group of college students during the local Shelby County spring break.

Photo Apr 07, 12 41 43 PM.jpg

Kennesaw State university   Wesley Foundation, March 2016

There are many faith-based communities in Memphis that work in underserved communities. This group partnered with a church that owned this neighboring property to give it a much-need exterior paint job.

Photo Mar 21, 2 39 34 PM.jpg

University of Wisconsin-Madison, March 2016

One of the coolest locations for a school project is the New Hope Christian Academy Urban Forest. Soon after they acquired property adjacent to their school, a science teacher pursued a vision for an outdoor education experience. Our groups provide manual labor for the Urban Forest.