Volunteering with Serve901 was one of the best service experiences I have ever had! It was not only a wonderful way to get a full experience of Memphis, but it also allowed us the chance to be a part of the community here. Working alongside a community of people who love their city and want to make it even better was a life-changing experience. I will never be the same!
— Tommy Nelson, Silver Lake College (Manitowoc, WI), March 2015 Trip Leader

An opportunity for a break from college—away from the grind of tests, papers, all nighters, and the stress of figuring out life—can tempt many students to plan carefree trips focused entirely on fun. But you’re different. You’re looking for something more than the Panama City Beach trip. You’re looking to give back and contribute to something that matters, and maybe have some fun in the process. 

We believe that one of the best decisions you can make in your college years is to invest your spring, summer, or winter break in a time of service, learning, and building community. How are you making the people and places around you better? We believe that a missed opportunity to serve is a serious loss for your life, and for the community where you live, learn, and work.

An experience with Serve901 will help you begin asking questions like:

  • Where do my passions and skills meet the world’s greatest needs?

  • Who are the most marginalized people in my hometown—what’s the story there? Why aren’t they flourishing?

  • What is going right in my city? What’s my role in maximizing those efforts and being an advocate?

Our vision is that, through Serve901, Memphis is strengthened and those we host learn to love Memphis and justice, catalyzing them to live toward a greater good.

Our mission is to partner college student volunteers with service organizations to facilitate interpersonal development and a renewed perspective of civic advocacy, interdependence, and respect for diversity through service-learning trips.