As a college student, I was taught through community college advertisements, “Invest in yourself; it pays!” Sadly, I didn’t fully realize my own skills and gifts until after an experience working a cubicle job where peers dreaded Mondays and lived for weekends. Through an opportunity to visit Memphis, I saw a place where incredible work was being done to invest in others—and I began to believe that a fulfilling 9-to-5 was possible. I made the decision to move 6 hours across the state to Memphis and to join a movement where I saw:

  • People choosing neighbors rather than the picket fence.

  • People choosing passion and purpose over pay.

  • People collaborating across racial divides and past prejudices.

  • People choosing to empower rather than handout, and also to give time or themselves over dollars.

  • People investing dollars in community development rather than to accumulate for self.

  • People willing to listen and understand before speaking or acting.

  • People pursuing authenticity rather than buying into something generic and cliche.

That’s what you'll experience, too, with Serve901. You'll get practical experience in how to engage community and learn the story of a place while serving alongside organizations doing great work in the city. Click the "Get Started" button below to start the process of planning your trip!

-Jeff Riddle, Serve901 Director