Through Serve901 you'll learn about the past, the present, and dream with us towards an even greater Memphis future:


This 75 minute story of Memphis is often scheduled on your first or second day of your trip. The story weaves your purpose for the week into the 200 year story of Memphis. You will learn about the city you are serving and hopefully feel more connected to those you serve.

Racial Reconciliation Discussion

This is a discussion about the love and hate between men; a conversation that we want Memphis to take lead in sharing to our nation.

National Civil Rights Museum

A world renown museum, the National Civil Rights Museum is a must. Often scheduled on day 2 or 3 of your trip, the museum is a unique and powerful learning experience. Most visits take 2 to 4 hours and you can learn more at Oh...and the tickets are on us.

Memphis Opportunity Exploration

Breakfast with local community leaders who are dreaming towards a brighter future for Memphis will share about internship and residency programs. Unashamedly, we would love for you to consider moving to Memphis and investing a season of your life with us.

Urban Issues Panel

We'll bring 3-5 leaders from the community to discuss various issues they are addressing in our city like juvenile justice, food scarcity, and lack of economic opportunity.