What does a typical week look like?

All trips are customizable! Check out what a trip could look like here.

What should I bring with me?

Students should bring all bedding for a twin bed (pillow, sheets, blankets, sleeping bag), towel, work clothes, play clothes, gloves, toiletries, snacks, water bottle, spending money.

Groups should bring a cooler and consider bringing a water cooler.

What will we eat?

Serve901 will feed your group 2-3 times during your time in Memphis. Those meals will accompany the LEARN opportunities on your schedule. The Bunkhouse includes access to cooking areas where groups can prepare their meals. We also encourage eating at the many good local eateries. Skip the chains--don't eat someplace that you have access to in your hometown. Check out our ENGAGE page for recommendations.

What is the cost?

Trips are customizable. Your cost may vary depending on your accommodations and the package you choose. Our standard Serve901 trips are $159 per person & includes Lodging, Serve901 as your City Guide, Schedule full of SERVE opportunities (20-35 hours in a week), 2-3 meals that accompany LEARN moments, tickets to the National Civil Rights Museum, and a Serve901 T-Shirt.

Where will we stay?

We have our own Bunkhouse (learn more here) as our primary housing site. Groups may stay elsewhere depending on availability.

What will we do?

The following are possible SERVE opportunities for your time with us. Do not consider this an exhaustive list! What are your groups interests—music, engineering, theater, medicine, dance? Let's talk and be creative with how you Serve901:

  1. Sports & After School Programming: Programs that serve kids when the school day ends can have tremendous impact. There are some wonderful organizations in Memphis that use sports, mentoring, and tutoring to support inner-city youth after school.
  2. Construction: Depending on your group's skill level and desire, we have partnerships in the city to connect with construction service projects.For example, we may partner with homeowners to build a wheelchair ramp for a senior citizen!
  3. Prayer Walking: We can work with faith groups to plan prayer walks to spend time praying on behalf of specific areas of the city.
  4. International Partnerships: There are many refugees and immigrants in our city. Organizations exist in Memphis that help teach English as a second language and help in many other facets of life for these new Memphians. At times we work directly with immigrants; we also work on behalf of the amazing partner organizations to help their mission.
  5. Volunteer with the local Food Bank: Help the Mid-South Food Bank fight hunger.
  6. Neighborhood Cleanup / Beautification: Many communities have vacant homes where the actual property owner lives in a different state & does not keep up the property. Fight the blight! This is done in conjunction with community development organizations.
  7. Partnership with Local Hospitals: We enjoy partnering with St. Jude and Le Bonheur – two of Memphis’s greatest assets that both serve as renowned children’s hospitals. Opportunities include working in one of St. Jude's housing facilities to prepare a meal for a patient’s family who is in town for treatment.
  8. Homeless Ministry: Help serve meals at the local men’s homeless shelter or cook a meal at a local church that regularly has a meal for their neighbors.
  9. School Based Projects: The national spotlight is on Memphis as education reform here has been groundbreaking. Schools face pressure from the state to improve, and teachers work hard to find new ways to serve students. Our goal is to come alongside these educators and be their biggest cheerleaders. Serve901 groups have organized libraries, thrown pizza parties for classroom achievement, brought teachers breakfast, and even landscaped around a school campus!
  10. Urban Farming: Many under-resourced neighborhoods are dubbed food deserts as it can be easier to find junk food than fresh fruit and vegetables. Urban gardens can change that trend, and we support these initiatives by providing manual labor! This also serves as a very practical learning opportunity.

How have others described the experience?

Volunteering with Serve901 was one of the best service experiences I have ever had! It was not only a wonderful way to get a full experience of Memphis, but it also allowed us the chance to be a part of the community here. Working alongside a community of people who love their city and want to make it even better was a life-changing experience. I will never be the same!

–Silver Lake College (Manitowoc, WI)

This trip not only was extremely enjoyable. but it changed my outlook on my life as well as my passion for what I believe in as well as what drives me. It’s crazy to think I could change so much in seven days but it felt almost like seven years of experience. I’m so grateful for this trip!

–Walters State BCM (Morristown, TN)

Serve901 made it possible to participate with many missions that are impacting the city. It would have taken us forever to do the prep they did for us.

–Miami Navigators (Oxford, OH)

It is a rewarding and valuable experience to be part of. You learn, help, and have fun at the same time.

–University of the Ozarks BCM (Clarksville, AR)

Because they partner with so many organizations throughout the city, volunteers get a broad view and are able to help in many different ways.

–UAB Cru (Birmingham, AL)

They were really great about allowing us to not only serve Memphis, but they did a wonderful job at getting people from around the community to talk about Memphis and what we could do to help!

–Redeemer Church (Lubbock, TX)

Serve901 is intentional about connecting organizations and ministries in the Memphis area with effective volunteers. They also provide volunteers with many opportunities to not only serve but to learn about the issues and successes of Memphis as a city.

–Southeast Missouri Gamma Sigma Sigma (Cape Girardeau, MO)

I am so appreciative and excited for the work Serve901 is doing. They are passionate about showing you the real Memphis and the people who love, serve, and live in the city. Serve901 worked hard to make our trip memorable; creating lasting friendships, a heart for the city of Memphis, and a greater appreciation for God’s passion to reach people. We will definitely be back!

–Miami Navigators (Oxford, OH)

Serve901 provided our students with an engaging and fun experience that created an awareness of the variety of service opportunities they could engage with in a community. The ease of planning, quality of programming, and callings it inspired in our students makes Serve901 something I would recommend to any student ministry.

–Kennesaw State Wesley Foundation (Kennesaw, GA)

Serve901 is the best group I have ever worked with on a mission trip. Jeff was constantly by our sides engaging in our group and being intentional with us. We were provided ample amounts of ways to serve, which is what we wanted! There’s no way we could have served as many organizations/ministries as we did without Serve901. We were so impressed and would highly recommend anyone to get plugged in with them! Wreck em’!!

–Redeemer Church (Lubbock, TX)

Serve901 allowed our group to truly experience Memphis in dramatic and diverse ways. Our group was able to serve men, women, and children of all ages through the various service options. The reflection and talk on racism greatly impacted our group and allowed for frank and honest conversations between students who normally don’t interact with each other. Even a week after returning from the trip, I personally am still processing the things I’ve learned and have a lot to continue to reflect upon.

–Silver Lake College (Manitowoc, WI)

Serve901 was one of the better mission trips we have taken. We never did the same thing in two consecutive days and this gave us a wide range of mission opportunities which exposed our students to a wider array of ministry in the Memphis area. I hope we can return sometime in the future.

–Walters State BCM (Morristown, TN)

This was the first year we had attempted to plan an alternative spring break program for international graduate students. We weren’t sure what to expect, but knew what we wanted students to have the opportunity to engage in, and knew what they were interested in. Serve901 worked with us to create a unique program designed to allow our students to engage in the issues they were interested in. The program went better than I could have hoped for. Our students were engaged and excited; they asked thoughtful questions, had keen insights, and thoroughly enjoyed their entire week in Memphis. We can’t thank Serve 901 enough for their efforts and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to provide a service-learning trip. We had a blast!

–Northwestern University International Office (Evanston, IL)

I'm a Memphian. How can I help?

Serve901 exists to host trips for college-aged young adults in the city of Memphis. These students spend 3-5 days learning about our great city, the initiatives currently happening, our rich history, and they also serve the city in significant ways.

  1. Because you’re a local, your impact on an individual or a family can make a lasting impact. Find ways to serve your neighbors here.
  2. Exhibit hospitality to our city's guests. Contact Serve901 about sponsoring a meal for a Serve901 Team.

If we've satisfied your curiosity, feel free to click the "Get Started" button below to start the process of planning your trip!